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Mission Statement:

It is time for small banks to band together and share resources in the IT arena. By owning our own core, our co-op banks will not be at the mercy of their vendor when it comes to fees and upgrades. It is also our hope that each of the member banks will open up and communicate with each other to share tips and strategies to help one another through the vexing issues facing the IT area, because not every bank can afford a full-time IT staffer. We want to create a 'community' of community banks to help keep our costs down and keep us all competitive.
Recent News
CBA Partners With Pacific Codeworks

To assist in maintaining the BanCo-op core software, CBA has entered into an agreement with Pacific Codeworks of San Francisco California to perform the coding necessary to keep the product up to date in the marketplace and compliant with regulations. As a part of the agree-
ment, CheckView, CheckScan, and TellerScan (Pacific Codeworks' check imaging products) have been rolled into the BanCo-op core package.
Telephone Support
Interactive Support Web Site
The telephone number for the support office has changed. We have installed a new phone system that allows members to contact any member of the support team through a single number. Call 844-2-BANCOOP (844-222-6266) and your call will be directed to the appropriate staff member.
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